About us

We are a Cyber Insurtech Company. Our mission is to mitigate Cyber Risk and Incident Costs both for Clients and the Insurance Industry.


Technical experts with years of experience in the Cyber Security industry.

Hands-on experience dealing with large Ransomware attacks.

Our Model

Software platforms and services offered in cooperation with Loss Adjusters, Brokers, MGAs, Insurers, Reinsurers.

We protect and help small and mid enterprises, we are a partner for Insurance Players.

Built for Insurance

Our offering is built to be bundled with Insurance Policies  to reduce the number and costs of Cyber Claims, differentiate from competition providing innovative technical services to customers.


We are based in Switzerland, we serve customers and insurance partners across Europe.

Contact us

Coinnect SA
via Carlo Maderno 23
6900 – Lugano (Switzerland)
+41 445 869827

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