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We support clients Mitigate Cyber Risk and effectively Respond to Cyber Attacks and Ransomware.

Cyber Risk Mitigation Services

We provide a set of managed services built to Mitigate Cyber Risk for Small and Mid-Enterprises.
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Our offer

Mix of custom tools for Cyber Risk Monitoring, proactive support to manage alerts, remediation, use of best of breed technologies for stopping threats and detect sophisticated attacks.

Our proposition

Engineered to be simple and provides high ROI, our cooperation with Insurance Partners enables customers to access dedicated Insurance Products with coverages and conditions exclusively dedicated to active clients of our services.
For Clients

Cyber Security is a very difficult and complex challenge for organizations of any size and sector.

Small and Mid-Enterprises should have dedicated teams and operations 24x7x365, continuous scouting, selection, and implementation of the best technologies. Limited budgets and a broad skill shortage affecting the entire sector are hurdles to an effective Cyber Security strategy.

Coinnect provides solutions with a unique approach: simple and cost-effective managed Cyber Risk Mitigation services engineered for Small and Mid-Enterprise, partnerships with Insurance Players for Cyber Risk Transfer.
It is impossible to fully remove the Cyber Risk, the right strategy is to mix Mitigation and Transfer. Moreover, be ready to respond to Cyber Incidents with fast remediation, eradication and restore services to minimize impacts, costs, and business downtime.

Are you looking for an integrated strategy for Cyber Risk Mitigation and Transfer?

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Support for a Cyber Incident or Claim?

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